Paracetamol CAS: 103-90-2


Product name:Paracetamol (Acetaminophen)
Quality standard:USP
CAS NO.: 103-90-2
Molecular formula: C8H9NO2
Molecular mass : 151.16
Physicochemical property:White crystalline powder, odorless,
soluble in hot water, ether, chloroform, etc.
Function:Antipyretic analgesic

-Paracetamol-Antipyretic-Analgesics-Acetaminophen-Paracetamol           -Paracetamol-Antipyretic-Analgesics-Acetaminophen-Paracetamol (1).jpg
This product is acetanilide antipyretic analgesics. By inhibiting ring oxidase and selectivity in the hypothalamus of the temperature regulating center, the synthesis of prostaglandins in peripheral vascular expansion, sweating and antipyretic effect, strength of its antipyretic effect similar to aspirin.


Contents Specification Results
Characters White crystalline powder Conforms
Identification IR,UR,TCL Complies with the test for identification of Paracetamol Conforms
Solubility Sparingly soluable in water,freely soluable in alcohol,very slightly

soluable in methylene chloride.

Melting point 168-172°C 169.6-170.0°C
Loss on drying ≤0.5% 0.06%
Residue on ignition ≤0.1% 0.04%
Chloride ≤0.014% <0.014%
Sulfate ≤0.02% <0.02%
Sulfide Conforms Conforms
Heavymetals ≤0.001% <0.001%
Readily carbonizable substances Conforms Conforms
Free p-aminophenol ≤0.005% ≤0.005%
Limit of p-chloroacetanilide ≤0.001% <0.001%
Organic volatile impurities Conforms Conforms
Assay 98.0%-101.0% 99.49%
Particle size 90% no more than 200μm Conforms
50% no less than 50μm Conforms
Conclusion: It complies with the requirements of the USP34

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